Second Tech

We had a fantastic second Tech Rehearsal.

Before rehearsal, Chris and I wrote all the lighting cues for Act II — and lots of other people did lots of other things.  And during rehearsal lots of people did lots of things.  All good and all moving us forward.

I just want to take moment here and now to be clear about the fact that, at least at this point in the process, I’m totally involved in how everything looks.  We’ve worked out the staging and the choreography; we’ve discussed the costumes and the make-up and the work on those has long been well under way, and the props are now in place. The final, and most elusive, of those visual elements is lighting. So that is where my primary focus lies at the moment.  But countless other people are working on countless other aspects of the production and I love them for it…. I’m just not so clearly tuned in to those individual processes at this moment.

130 years ago Gilbert and Sullivan laid out the basic road map for “Iolanthe.”  About a year ago I began laying out the route we would take for this particular incarnation of that production.  And in the intervening months I’ve worked with designers, producers, volunteers, collaborators, and cast members to make certain we’re all pointed in the same direction.  Now we’re all on our individual journeys and we can only trust each other to make it to the finish line on time and with flying colors.

I love the way everything is coming together. And I can’t wait to see it finally play out in front of an audience.

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