Final Dress/Tech rehearsal before we have an audience at Thursday night’s preview performance…. and all went as it should.

There was a flurry of activity before the rehearsal as lights were re-focused, cues were re-written, microphones were strategically placed, notes were reviewed, costumes were sewn, and actors prepared.  After a terrific run of Act I (meaning the flurry never stopped), there was another flurry of activity as the actors and orchestra ran a sound check, mic cables were replaced, costume elements were altered, and technical notes were adjusted.  After a terrific run of Act II…. more flurry.  Cues were re-written, lights were replaced, costumes were altered….  And, eventually everyone went home.

Performance-wise we made some great improvements.  Minor adjustments from the previous night’s rehearsal yielded wonderful results and clarified many acting moments and stage pictures.

We are ready for an audience.  We have reached the point at which we are aching for an audience.  Our energy has been pushed, and pushed, and pushed; and now we desperately need the energy of an audience pushing back.  We’re ready for it!

Cheap seats Thursday night and then performances Friday and Saturday evenings; and Sunday afternoon.  Come on down!

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