Rough Sketch Complete

Last night we completed the staging of the Act II Finale — which means the entire show is now blocked and choreographed!  I should be clear that completing the staging is merely the finalization of a rough sketch.  It is an accomplishment, but only one of many tasks to be accomplished before Opening Night.

I’ve often likened mounting a production to creating a painting.  We start with a rough sketch in very broad strokes:  enter here, do this basic thing, exit there.  We then labor over the color and the details: emotional quality, timing, precision, comic effect.  We may edit and erase along the way and we may even scrap some portions of the work altogether.  But the lines are drawn and our way forward now has clearly defined parameters.

In the remaining weeks we will drill choreography, fine-tune movements, memorize cues, and generally perfect our performances — both as individuals and as a unified ensemble.  And we will continue to invent, to assess, and to re-invent right up until the last moment. 


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