Tearing it Apart and Putting it Back Together

This past Sunday we had a solid run-through of the entire show.  Many improvements had been made during the previous week and I think we’re in a good position as we head into our final weeks of rehearsal.

As was to be expected, Act I was in far better shape than Act II.  We’d set that staging much earlier and so have had more time to review the work and to feel comfortable with it.  Act II was suffering a bit simply because much of it is new.  Luckily, we had time to not only run the entire show, but then to go back and re-run Act II.  The second iteration was much improved.  In general, while the overall scope of the show is in good shape, smaller moments and individual elements still need work.  So what’s needed is a bit of tearing it apart and putting it back together.

I spent Monday night working mainly with the men’s chorus and their work in Act II when they’ve split into Pirates and Policemen.  We focused on unity and specifics of execution in the Policemen’s numbers and then cleaned up spacing and timing when the Police and Pirates first share the stage in “With Catlike Tread.”  We also had time to clean up the movement and focus shifts in “Sighing Softly” as well as to sharpen the first section of our extended chase sequence.

Good work from all throughout the night.  And I certainly noticed the time individuals and groups spent on their own brushing up material during down time.  It takes constant work on many levels to pull everything together: individual review; repeated re-connection within smaller groups; ever evolving and improving unity within the entire ensemble.

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