Wrong Again, and Not Ashamed

We had a fantastic rehearsal tonight in a hot and sweaty (and loud) dance studio.  We cleaned up the second half of Act II and focused on many nit-picky details.  And we also had time to go back and clean up a special little section in Act I.

During the night we were reminded, once again, that the Director (that’s me) can certainly be wrong. I made inept corrections, gave incorrect advice, and contradicted myself on several occasions. But the facts came out in the end, so all is well.  That’s why we have an Assistant Choreographer, a Stage Manager, and an Assistant Stage Manager.  God bless Pam, Donna, and Lyle.

I’ll make no excuses.  But I hope everyone present will agree that I was swift and apologetic with my admissions of error. We all make mistakes and we all miscommunicate.  And that is why we rehearse and rehearse and rehearse.  Only by grueling repetition can we know that we’re all on the same page and that we’re truly working in concert with each other.  There’s nothing wrong with being wrong — at this stage of the game.  But we’ve still got two weeks to resolve all issues and erase all doubts.

I said I would make no excuses, so please don’t take this as one.  But the process of letting go of a production can be a bit baffling to a Director.  As the cast takes the reins and makes the show their own, it becomes something other than what you might’ve imagined.  And that is a glorious and miraculous thing!  There are many, many moving parts.  And as those parts become unified into a whole it’s easy to lose your grasp of the details.  Errors and confusion, of course, stand out.  But the new dynamic of an ensemble working tightly together can make you forget the little foibles and simply want to sit back and watch.  When this appreciation of the “big picture” is interrupted with a specific question it’s not always easy to remember the answer.  So I was wrong on several occasions.  While not ashamed, I am apologetic to the hard-working and determined cast members.  But more than anything, I’m thrilled with the progress we’ve made.  And eager to sit back and watch again.

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