Oh Happy Young Heart

Tonight we staged Aline’s first solo, which is also her entrance number.  She sings of courtship and eventual marriage — which is appropriate since she’s arrived to make her engagement to Alexis legally binding.  

With our Downton Abbey twist, she’s singing to the Ploverliegh estate’s female servants, who have just welcomed her.  In keeping with the upstairs/downstairs separation, she’s actually singing mostly to herself. And the servants are in a bit of a quandary as to whether she’s attempting to be intimate and friendly, or just showboating and therefore to be treated with formal reserve.  

It’s a fun contradiciton of her romantic self-absorption and their scrambling subservience. And the staging involves some of my favorites: walking backwards, emotional shifts, and the always effective Conveyor Belt.

As of now, Act I is finally and officially fully staged and choreographed!

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