Nothing Like Performance Jitters!

Tonight’s task for the cast was to present Act I as if it were opening night and they were performing in front of an audience.  Sometimes we can get a little bogged down in the tedium of rehearsals and forget that we’re here to tell a story and to entertain.  So I think it’s good to get into the mindset of performing a little early on.

It’s also a great way for me to see exactly where the problems lie.  Without stopping and starting to correct mistakes, I can experience the story as it unfolds and pinpoint problem areas where the story isn’t clearly being told.  This usually boils down to flaws in my own directing –where I’ve either misguided the cast, or neglected needed emphasis, or just plain fallen down on the job.  It’s wonderful to be able to find these mistakes early on and to make the necessary corrections.

It’s also a great time to reinterpret what we’ve already set in stone.  It never ceases to amaze me that a simple clarification of intent (without altering any of the staging) can completely change the feel of a scene or a song.  Or that building backstory, adding emotional layers, or making the tiniest of adjustments to the staging can suddenly bring everything else more strongly into place.

So we’ve taken a look at what we’ve done so far.  We’ve set a few new goals for ourselves.  And now it’s time to get back to work.

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