Ode to Joy

We’ve had our fair share of impediments this year.  Schedule conflicts, winter weather, job emergencies, and family matters.  But we’re in excellent shape as we move into our final weeks of rehearsal.

Tonight we blocked the final sections of Act II. So now the entire show is staged and choreographed!  The cast has been working diligently on existing material and quickly picking up the new stuff.   And all with an admirable sense of hard work and good fun.

It’s not always easy to combine the two.  The work is hard.  And the work has to be done. But there also has to be joy.  Pain, sweat, mental anguish, and joy!  Joy in the work and joy in the product.  After all, we are presenting a comic operetta here.  Everyone knows that comedy is hard.  Especially comedy with operatic singing to boot.  So there’s gotta be work.  Lot’s of work.  But there’s also gotta be silliness and joy.

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