We’re in our final week of rehearsals before moving into the Carolina Theater for tech week.  And we’re in good shape.

The cast has drilled the choreography and staging to the point that running the show is not an issue at all at this point.  Mistakes have been erased and confidence in the material is growing moment to moment. And that’s a great place to be.  It allows me to forget about teaching and to watch and critique the work as a whole; while we still have the time to make changes toward a better and better production.

An added benefit of the cast being so well prepared in this final week of rehearsals is that I can more clearly see what the show has become and then consider how that differs from what we originally set out to create.  I find that there’s always a difference here, and that’s not a problem at all.  We started with an idea, a mission, a blueprint of the show we wanted to build.  There are always changes along the way — born out of necessity, inspiration, and sheer whim.  And as one aspect of the production changes, so will another.  And another. And another.

Excellent character work in Act II makes me look back at Act I and think of how a few directorial shifts could tie it all together beautifully.  One individual actor’s work on his or her character arc can help me to see where another actor’s work could use a bit more focus.  Enjoying precise choral unison on one number can make me see how I’d love to see it again somewhere else — or even to realise that too much unison was a bad idea and that a bit of chaos might be a better way to go.

In short, the forest is in place.  Now I can start to look at the trees.

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