Final Week Adjustments

These are my favorite kinds of rehearsals.  Everyone is off book and knows the choreography, so we can stop and start and make all sorts of adjustments.  

Tonight we started with some focused movement work and then refined the top of Act II and the end of Act II — lots of clarifications and additions!  We then worked several sections of the Act I Finale and did one of my very favorite things — simplification and clarification.  Sometimes you have to go all the way in one direction to realize the ease of putting the true focus where it should be.  This section was once chaotic, but now is serene and dreamlike, which is feels just right.

We also worked a very complicated scene earlier on in Act I where we are layering multiple levels of storytelling.  A slight shift of character and intent has proven to be a very good thing.  And drilling pace, pauses, and timing is moving us ever further in the right direction.

It feels so luxurious to think that we have two more of these stop-and-start rehearsals before we move into the theater and tackle an entirely new set of hurdles.  Onward!

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