Play is Hard Work.

Lots more fine tuning tonight!  We set out to run the entire show, but I decided to do a stop-and-start run — which meant I could stop to make changes and adjustments, or to offer suggestions along the way.  The musical numbers were all in pretty good shape, so we focused primarily on the scene work.  I threw a few new ideas into the mix and enjoyed the results as the actors explored the text from a different perspective and also made lots of fun new discoveries entirely on their own.

Excellent work all all around!  Everyone was attentive and willing to “play.”  And by “play,” I mean “work.” Working hard, but with a sense of generous abandon.  Exploring new territory while keeping the integrity of all our previous work intact.  Not necessarily easy, but oh so rewarding.

We only managed to make it through Act I, but that’s just fine.  We did have time to run the opening and closing numbers of Act II, which involve the entire cast.  And we’ve already spent a good bit of time on the Act II scenes, so I think we’re in great shape there.

Tomorrow will be a run through of the entire show and I will try my darndest not to stop with more additions. I get so excited when I see the cast making new connections and firmly grasping previously troublesome material, it’s all I can do to keep myself from asking for more, more, more!

But I think we really do need to have one good solid run before we move into the theater.  And tomorrow night will be our last shot at it. So I’ll try to keep quiet — and to take copious notes.

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