Kicking out the Kinks

Have I mentioned that our production of “The Sorcerer” is a little bit Downton Abbey and a little bit Walking Dead?  Of course it has heapin’ doses of topsey-turveydom and musical brilliance to boot!  Just wanted to throw that information out there.

Tonight we had a good solid run, with the addition of beautiful costumes, hair, and make-up, the full orchestra, and with continued technical additions as well.  I worked with Donna and Chris through the afternoon to write lighting cues and we made constant adjustments throughout the evening.  So I think we’re in good shape.

We’ll have one more night of rehearsal with everyone — onstage, backstage, in the pit, in the booth, and in the wings — perfecting their work, honing their craft, and kicking out the kinks before our Preview Performance on Thursday night.

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