Last Things First

2017 is an exciting year for The Durham Savoyards!

We’ll present both the first and the last Gilbert and Sullivan collaborations.  “Thespis,” their very first collaboration — to which the score was lost — will be performed October 12-15,  with an original score by our own Alan Riley Jones.  It’s not to be missed!

But first we’ll present the last G&S collaboration — “The Grand Duke” — with performances running March 20 through April 2.

Set in the 1700s, “The Grand Duke” involves a plot to overthrow a despot.  Key elements include competition for power, jealousy, betrayals, duels, politics-for-profit, and multiple women wanting to marry the same powerful man.  It’s amazing how this Victorian-era operetta seems not only to echo the rebellion of the American Revelution; but also to foreshadow Lin-Manuel Miranda’s  “Hamilton,” and the questionable mores of modern society and politics.

We’ve assembled a stellar cast for this typically topsy-turvy adventure; and have finally begun rehearsals (after several snow and ice delays).

Come back and visit this site for updates as rehearsals progress.  And make plans to join us at The Carolina Theatre in downtown Durham March 30 – April 2!

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