Parallel Structure

There are two similar scenes and songs in “The Grand Duke.”

In each scene, a man offers a soliloquy about the woman he loves and the doubts he has about their relationship.

In each scene, the beloved woman enters and refuses the man’s advances.

In each scene, a complication arises.

In one scene the man points out that public displays of affection can turn a profit.

In the other scene the woman insists that a loveless marriange can bring fame and recognition.

In both scenes, the couples pledge to marry and then sing a song about it.

We staged both those scenes and choreographed both those songs today — employing games of cat-and-mouse, moments of bait-and-switch, clowning, role-playing, subtle subterfuge, an avaricious samba, a tentative tango, a grapevine gone awry, and generous servings of ham and cheese.

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