…by any other name…

I often give silly names to movements and gestures as I’m teaching staging and choreography.  This can make things easier to remember; and rehearsals a bit more fun.

Today we continued work on the Act I Finale.  As in all of Gilbert and Sullivan’s finales there are many shifts in mood and intent, and a lot of storytelling happens.  So naming the various bits and pieces can help to keep things organized in our brains.

Here are just a few of the names of sections, movements, and gestures so far…..

“Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are;”  “Frightened Chipmunks;” “World Wide Wrestling;” “Fight, Fight, Fight;” “Showing Your Cards,” “Shove and Bump;”  “Last Ditch Effort;” “The Big Scoot;” “Deflated Finger;” “What’s the Matter?;” “Ethel Mertz followed by Statue of Liberty followed by Nose Dive;” and “Eating Popcorn” — which runs concurrently with “Telenovela.”

And there’s loads of Geometry created with human bodies….

Various clumps form into one regimented formation, which morphs into one large arc, which morphs into two lines, which re-connect into a different large arc, which breaks into two concentric arcs, which stretch into two new lines, which dissolve into a moving clump, which re-assembles into two diagonal lines, which dissolve into brief chaos, which gradually transforms into two new lines, which curve up and back into diagonal lines, which reassemble into rows, which then move back into the original reigimented formation before exiting Stage Left.

Busby Berkeley would be dizzy.

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