la roulette et la danse des ours

After re-visiting and re-inventing the opening of Act I earlier this week, we delved back into the midst of Act II.

When we last left our intrepid group of revolutionaries, they had infiltrated the Grand Duke’s Tower and had begun drinking his wine, when a Herald arrived to announce the arrival of mysterious regal visitors.  So, of course, the revolutionaries hid themselves behind the golden curtains in order to provide a real surprise for their surprise guests.

Tonight we staged what we’re affectionately calling the “Bear Dance.”  It’s three pages of silly, frivolous, mad-cap music with no singing.  There’s sneaking, startling, screaming, and chasing.  “Bears” came to me as inspiration and so “Bears” we are — with a bit of Keystone Cops thrown in for good measure.

Then there’s the following number, which extolls the financial virtues of encouraging the masses to gamble on a game in which the bank always wins.  For your entertainment, we’ve created a Human Roulette Wheel….

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