Flu season is upon us.  Several cast members have been ill and recuperated, and others are just now catching the bug.  So we’re dealing with a constantly shuffling array of unpredictable absences from rehearsals.

But that’s show biz.  And the show must go on.  So we continue to push forward.

Yesterday we decided not to run the entire show as scheduled, but to instead focus on chorus-heavy numbers — making changes and additions along the way.

One big (and welcomed by many) change was that I discarded a troulesome section of choreography which had just never come together.  The problem was that I’d over-thought it  from the start and the counts/movements were just not intuitive.  So I replaced it with a little three-part schtick which worked almost instantly, is far more entertaining, and actually helps to visually tell the story — rather than just being a decorative but meaningless little soft-shoe.

I’ll never stop re-learning that simpler is better and that everything must contribute to telling the story.

Speaking of telling the story….

You’ve got to have your characters and plot and all that.  But you also must have a strong underlying structure.  The nuts and bolts (and stitches and glue) that hold it all together.

In the interest of supporting and holding the show together, we had our monthly Production Meeting tonight.  This is when key members of the design, construction, and technical teams get together in one room to give progress reports, compare notes, make plans, present problems, and find solutions.  Sets, lights, costumes, props, hair/make-up, marketing… it’s all got to be organized and unified and on time and under budget.

‘Cause Opening Night moves for no one.  And the show must go on.

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