The Singing Dead

After Act I’s first “Statutory Duel” Ernest was declared legally dead and forced to go sit in the cemetery.

But that was yesterday.

Today (well into Act II) Ernest wants to know what’s going on with the plot against the Grand Duke, so he illegally ventures forth and discovers his beloved Julia. She updates him on all that’s happened in his absence, and tells him that her dreams of being Grand Duchess have been dashed. It seems it’s time for new beginnings for both of them.

Ernest then re-declares his love for her. But she insists she cannot marry a dead man, legal or otherwise.

Then, of course, they sing a duet.

And that was the main focus of tonight’s rehearsal.  A Legal Ghost and a Prima Donna sing of a Love from the Tomb which cannot live in the light of day.

It’s a fun number with a Victorian “Penny Dreadful” vibe.  He haunts her with his love — menacing, stalking, persuing, pouting, enveloping, and embracing — and she alternates between fearing his spectral pursuit, succumbing to his ghoulish advances, and gleefully dismissing him.

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