The First Fleeting Day

We’re in!

The set crew started bright and early and spent the entire day loading in and installing the platforms, columns, trees, frames, carts and many other pieces that make up our complex and ever-changing set design. The costume and props crews were also there unloading, organizing, and working on finishing touches.

The cast arrived early in the evening and, after taking care of some initial spacing and reconfiguration issues, we ran the show in its entirety.    While we did stop once or twice to make corrections and/or resolve issues, it was pretty much a clean run — with almost everything working the way we’d planned.  The few things which didn’t work just right have been re-imagined and now work like a charm.

So…. Our show fits on our set.  That’s our first big hurdle of the week!

Tomorrow night we’ll add costumes, hair, make-up, stage lights, follow spot — and the orchestra!

Reminder:  Preview Performance is Thursday night (8PM).  We then perform Friday (8PM), Saturday (7PM), and Sunday (2PM).  Please join us if you can!

Grand Duke 2.jpg

The Grand Duke (Stuart Albert) wants to see YOU at the Carolina Theater this weekend!

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