Preview Pickles

I like pickles.  (More about that later.)

I arrived early to the theater for pre-show prep before tonight’s preview performance of “The Grand Duke.”  I had three specific problems to solve. And I wanted to be there when the actors arrived so I could have as much time as possible to work through the possible solutions.

All three actors in question showed up early as well!  First problem practically solved itself.  Second problem only took a few moments; and its resolution was an absolute joy to behold as it unfolded.  Third problem took a bit longer, but was also easily resolved — and was a lesson in the art of editing.

So, less than an hour after arriving at the theater, everything was settled. And I had some time to burn.

I ran out to a nearby deli (yes, downtown Durham now has a deli!) and ordered a salad to go.  At the last minute I said, “Can I also have a pickle?”  I was told the salad came with a pickle. But I insisted on paying for another one just the same.  ‘Cause I like pickles.

To-go bag in hand, I returned to the theater; saw that everything was in order and going according to schedule; found a quiet spot; and sat down to eat my salad and pickles.

The pickle I’d paid extra for was in a separate bag. I ate it first.  Then I opened my salad and found there was… No. Pickle. In. The. Salad.

I’m certain it was an accident.  But I’d paid extra for a second pickle and they’d basically just taken the “free” pickle out of my salad and put it in another bag. I wasn’t happy.

Funny how the euphoria of having a show ready to open, and of solving three last-minute problems with relative ease can be dampened by being shorted one pickle.

Mid-grumble, I noticed the house had opened and there were lots of people in the theater.  It was a really big turnout, and the show was about to begin!

My missing pickle suddenly forgotten, I quickly touched base with the crew to make sure we were ready to go. Then I took a seat in the house.

The lights dimmed, the murmuring crowd hushed in anticipation…. and then, low and behold, Theater was made.

The cast, the crew, the orchestra — they all brought it. And the audience dug right in!

I’ll just say this: if tonight’s performance had been a deli to-go bag, there would’ve been plenty of pickles for everyone!

Opening Night is Friday, March 31 at 8 PM.  There’s another performance Saturday, April 1 at 7 PM.  And we close with a 2 PM matinee on Sunday, April 2.


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