The World is a Stage, The Stage is a World — of Entertainment

Tonight we had complete run-throughs of both “Trial by Jury” and “Thespis. Both went very well! But we’ve still got some rehearsing to do.

Our main focus with “Trial by Jury” is perfecting ensemble unity.  The chorus basically functions as one character and truly needs to act as a unified whole.  Timing and coordination are key.  And repetition is really the only way to get there.

As we continue to refine performances in “Thespis,” we’re focusing on sustaining energy, vocal support, and an ever-evolving performance style.  “Thespis” is written somewhat like a vaudeville show, with a widely varied cast of characters performing in a range of different styles.  So it’s a bit of a three-ring circus, cavalcade of entertainment. Each shift in style needs to be clear and strong; and executed with an effortless grace that only repetition and rehearsal can bring.

So we’ll run both shows again tomorrow.  And tomorrow, and tomorrow….

We have another run-through Friday night; orchestra rehearsal Saturday; sitzprobe on Sunday; and then we load into the theater on Monday.

We’ll have technical rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and will be ready for our first performance on Thursday.


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