It’s Showtime!

A sneak peak at some of the notes I sent to our two casts before public performances begin…..


“Trial by Jury”

I’m gonna be honest with you. I’ve never directed this show before. I’ve never even seen another production of it. So I really have very little idea of what people might be expecting when they come to see this cherished little G&S chestnut.

What I do know is that you have a delightful show in your possession. It sounds gorgeous. It has visual variety. It has lovely individual character work. And it has solid, finely nuanced ensemble work. It is a gift for your audiences which you must lovingly unwrap with every performance.


What an honor it has been to work on this rare diamond! Alan’s original score is stunningly brilliant; and we are all lucky, lucky people to be able to have any part whatsoever in bringing it to life on the stage for the very first time.

Unlike “Trial” which — delightful as it is — may be a well-known entity to many, “Thespis” will be a brand new adventure for our audiences. They won’t know what they’re in for as the house lights dim and the overture begins.

It will be an exciting new adventure — like I said last night, “Buckle Up Buttercups!”


Public Performances begin tonight and end with this Sunday’s matinee.

Get your tickets here!


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