Nuance and Re-interpretation

Tonight I focused on scenes and songs with a small group of principal actors.

We re-addressed the fine character work we’ve done so far and looked for opportunities to further explore nuances within scenes and re-interpretations of the text.

In one scene we explored what happens when bashful meets shy.  In another we looked at the clash of unrestrained brazenness with polite decorum.

What happens when you play the subtext? What happens when you re-interpret the text so the victim is in control?  What happens when the predator unexpectedly becomes the prey?

Throughout the rehearsal we focused a good deal of attention on timing, pace, listening, and control.

What happens when you emphasize one repeated word? What happens when you pause in the just the right place and for just the right amount of time?  What happens when you time your actions to someone else’s dialogue?

We then looked at how this detailed work would inform the performance of the songs which followed the scenes.  It was amazing to see how a simple re-interpretation of intent could make the same choreography and vocal delivery so much more compelling.

Of course, this did lead to some altering of the previously staged movements.  But surprisingly few changes were made.  And these smallest of tweaks gave a profound clarity to the story being told.

It was a fun and fulfilling exercise; and I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy seeing the actors reveal the discoveries we’ve made!


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