Pride and Praising

I’m sending a big shout-out to our wonderful understudies!

Today we ended our rehearsal process by running the entire show with understudies in the principal roles.  And they did a bang up job!

It’s a fantastic way to get ready for tech week.  Understudies get to take the stage and to prove that they feel comfortable stepping into these roles.  Principals get to sit and watch the show — seeing for perhaps the first time the “big picture” of what’s going on behind and around them.

It’s also a fun and loving exercise.  Friends and family have been invited to see the understudies perform.  Principals and production staff are on hand to give advice and gentle direction.  And the understudies are encouraged to give their own distinctive spin to the roles.  Everyone is pulling for everyone else.  Everyone wants everyone else to succeed.

Discoveries are made; things are shaken up a bit, jumbled, and re-imagined; and our story is told in a new way. It’s uplifting, life-affirming, and an all-round feel-good experience.

It’s also a selfish little moment of pride for me as director.  The fact that nine roles can be played by nine completely different actors and that the story is still clearly and entertainingly told proves that we’ve got a solid show.  It holds together.  It makes sense.  We’ve built a magical machine that really works!

Join us this weekend and see for yourself!


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