Order and Chaos

Yesterday was a whirlwind of well-organized chaos.  It’s what we call “Load In Day.”

From early morning right up until rehearsal, the Carolina Theater was abuzz with various groups of technicians and volunteers bringing in and organizing all the elements which will make our production.

But all with an air of calm about it.  Everything had been thoroughly planned out and prepped in advance.  Everything was ready. And everyone knew what to do. So what could have been a day of frenzied chaos was indeed an orderly and methodical meditation.

And then we had a terrific first technical rehearsal in the theater last night! Again, a testament to all the forethought and preparation (rehearsal) that has led up to this point.

The set is now loaded in, the lights are hung and (mostly) focused, costumes and props are complete, programs are stuffed and stacked, and all the staging and choreography –which has previously only been executed in various rehearsal rooms — works on the actual stage!

We have a lot of moving parts to coordinate — and all of them are working nicely!

Kudos to all the planners, the preppers, and the organizers!

Tonight we will add the orchestra, and hair/make-up, and will have one more chance to work out a few minor issues with technical cues.

Then Thursday will be our first preview performance.  Join us if you can.  I promise it will be a great way to kick-start your weekend!

Thursday is billed as a “Special Invitation Preview”.  Here’s a widely known secret — everyone’s invited!  There are no advance ticket sales for Thursday.  And there’s no set ticket price (suggested donation of $15).


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