Costume and Character

Ruddigore Costume Plot - Act I

With performances upon us, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at where we started. At least in terms of what the cast is wearing.

Way back in December, weeks before rehearsals had begun, I created sketches of what I thought each character’s costume might look like.  Some have remained remarkably unchanged, and some have evolved through the rehearsal and costume construction process.

In any event, here are the preliminary visions of some of the characters you’ll be meeting  during performances this weekend.

Thirteen Bridesmaids.  Over-worked, underpaid, under-appreciated, all wearing the same dress, and — given a chance — each would have her own tale to tell.



Rose. She always wants to do the right thing.



Hannah.  Tells us the tale of the Witch’s Curse; and she has a few secrets of her own.



Robin.  A local farmer. He combines the manners of a Marquis with the morals of a Methodist. He just might be too good to be true.



Adam.  He’s bit over-dressed for a farmhand. What’s that all about?



Richard.  He’s been away at sea for quite some time.  He has a penchant for following his heart’s dictates — especially when the moon is full.



Margaret.  All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Mad Margaret Act I


Twelve Members of the Gentry.  For some reason these mysterious dudes swoop in to sing and dance for a spell.

Gentry, Act I


Despard.  Oh why is he moody and sad?

Despard Act I


Uncle Roderic.  He’s been dead for ten years.  But he says he’s doing “pretty well.”

Gentry, Act II

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