Performance and Response

Last night’s Preview Performance went exceedingly well!  Strong, confident performances and an enthusiastic audience response.
Here are some audience comments that popped up on social media immediately following the show….
“Disregard any preconceptions you might have about Gilbert & Sullivan, or hometown theater groups: this show is FUN! It is zany (a werewolf under a full moon? A troop of perpetual bridesmaids?) extraordinarily well cast and choreographed, with strong singing from leads, chorus, and royal chorus alike…. This is a polished production, a true jewel, with a very professional live orchestra accompanying the antics on the boards above them…. If you are local, I advise you to make every effort to see a performance this weekend: and don’t leave at intermission: there’s a surprise not to be missed in Act Two!
I should also mention the ingenious sets, the sumptuous costumes…and the stunning trio… in the famous “It really doesn’t matter” patter song, that had many of us in the house cheering and on our feet!”
“A delightful romp through the witty and the silly. A wonderful tension tamer.”
“Highly recommended!”


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1 Response to Performance and Response

  1. BruceN says:

    Might I suggest – after Ruddigore closes, Mad Margaret deserves her own one-woman show!

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