Magical Mayhem

Well, technical rehearsals are drawing to a close and we’re ready for one glorious weekend of performances!

Monday night I met with princpal actors for final scene work while other cast and crew met across town at the warehouse to load our set into the truck.

Bright and early Tuesday morning, cast and crew loaded the set into the Carolina Theater.  Throughout the rest of the day set construction was completed, lights were focused and programmed, props were organized, costumes were ironed and distributed, front of house issues were sorted…. and a thousand other preparations were made.

Tuesday evening (some folks were at the theater all day and all night) was our first rehearsal on the set.

I talk about this a lot, but there is something both nerve-wrecking and magical about this first technical rehearsal.  Months of discussions, meetings, dreams, sketches, construction days, rehearsals, arguments, resolutions, nail-bitings, sweat-wipings, hand-wringings, laughter, and small rejoicings have lead us to this point.

That’s a lot of time and attention.  Everyone focused, everyone seeing the vision, everyone moving forward.

But the first technical rehearsal is the very first time we bring all the various elements into the same room.  It’s when we can finally see if all those carefully planned pieces will actually fit together.  The set in the theater, the blocking and choreography on the set, the costumes on the actors, the whole shebang under the lights….

Do all the puzzle pieces fit together the way we’d envisioned?

The secret answer is “no.”  They rarely do.  Some things just don’t work and will have to be reinvented.  But other things will work even better than we’d ever dreamed!

So we rehearsed on Tuesday night.  And we watched.  And we analysed.  And then we went back to work.  Changes and adjustments were made on the spot, into the wee hours of the night, and throughout the day on Wednesday.

Wednesday evening was our second technical rehearsal.  All of the above, with the addition of the orchestra.

Again, will the puzzle pieces fit?

Again, some yes/some no.

More discussions, adjustments, changes, fretting, and… resolutions found!

I’m happy to say that our show is coming together beautifully.  It’s an intricate little puzzle we’ve put together for you and we can’t wait to share it!

Preview Performance is tonight at 8 PM — general admission, door sales only.  And then performances continue through the weekend.

Get your tickets here.



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