After the wave…..

It feels a bit odd to talk about a tidal wave a few days after you’ve ridden it.

The ominous rumble and slow swell; the giddy feeling as you are lifted; the wind, the spray; the breathless joy; the adrenaline rush; the fear that you might go under; the euphoria of riding the crest; the inevitable descent; the barely-controlled crash onto the shore; the slow, unsteady stand as you regain your balance; the exhausted, exhilarated first steps on dry land; the wistful look back to the sea as you wonder when you’ll ride again.

I’ve never surfed a day in my life, but it seems like an apt analogy for what we’ve just done — cast, crew, orchestra, and audience alike.

Here is a review from Voix des Arts.

Here is a review from Chatham Life and Style.

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