…and away we go!

It has begun.

After months of pre-prodution planning and design meetings; an open sing-through last November; and auditions and call-backs in early December — we have officially assembled our cast for “Patience” 2020.

Today was our first full-cast rehearsal. And our first glimpse of exactly what will make this production of “Patience” distinctly different from any other.

As a director I always look forward to the initial sing-through.  This rehearsal is all about the music. So I take advantage of the opportunity to watch, listen, and imagine the show we are about to create together.

I come in with concrete thoughts and plans, of course. But there is always room for change.  For re-invention, re-interpretation, and new discoveries.

So I don’t like to talk too much at the first rehearsal.  I want to see what happens when the actors bring their natural talents and tendencies and simply sing the story.

As the cast worked their way through the score, I began to understand the distinct personalities and vocal intonations that will personalize each of the characters.  I caught early sparks of chemistry between individual actors.  And witnessed unexpected humor, high notes, low notes, unusual harmonies, and promising group dynamics.

Today was fun.  Just the singers and the music, with no pressure and no direction.  It was a chance to sing out — free and clear.

… and for me to listen and learn.

Patience Artwork 1000x414-page-001.jpg

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