2009 “The Gondoliers”

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Production Staff

Producers: Sarah and David Nevill
Director and Choreographer: Derrick Ivey
Music Director: Alan Riley Jones
Costumers and Costume Designers: Dianne Woodard and Karen Guidry
Set Designer: Richard Dideriksen
Set Realizer: Charles Guidry
Lighting Designer: Chris Bernier
Hair and Makeup Designer: Pam Guidry-Vollers
Props Managers: Kara John and Katherine Zeph
Publicity Photograph/Design: Derrick Ivey
Publicity Manager: Sarah Nevill
Press Releases: Diane Woodard
Program: Charlie Register
Orchestra Manager: Deanna Chou Lim
Assistant Orchestra Manager: Tanner Lovelace
Stage Manager: Donna Cavallo
Cast Ticket Sales: Cathy Lambe
Rehearsal Accompanists: Betty Romani, Kaori Maeda, Dawn Williams

Stage Cast

alphabetical by last name

Giuseppe Palmieri Adam Bowers (understudy: Jonathan de Araujo)
Don Alhambra Del Bolero Jim Burnette (understudy: Richard Palmer)
Giorgio Bobby Cameron
Luiz Jesse Darden
Antonio Jonathan de Araujo
The Duke of Plaza-Toro Steve Dobbins (understudy: David Duke)
Tessa Cat Hoffman (understudy: Ruth Winecker)
Vittoria Brittany Huie
Fiametta Kim Kingsley
Marco Palmieri Steven Lumpkin (understudy: Ben Neufang)
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro Evelyn McCauley (understudy: Olive McKrell)
Casilda Theodora Mason
Francesco Ben Neufang
Gianetta Laurie Siegel
Giulia Ruth Winecker
Inez Joyce Weiser

Stage Chorus

Soprano Pam Forsythe, Pam Guidry-Vollers, Kim Kingsley, Janell Lovelace, Sarah Miller, Kathy Neal, Kelly Potts
Alto Mary Ann Freedman, Karen Gray, Kimberly Hirsh, Brittany Huie, Cathy Lambe, Pam Kadzielawski, Olive McKrell, Joyce Weiser, Ruth Winecker
Tenor Erin Conn, Hugh Mace, Ben Neufang, Chris Newlon, Pat Roos, Michael Rowe, Shiangtai Tuan
Bass Jonathan de Araujo, Bobby Cameron, Ray Clark, Houston Horn, Clay Hudson, David Smith, Bruce Stewart


Royal Chorus

Soprano Megan Colborn, Teme Levbarg, Betty Romani
Alto Kay Bailey, Fran Greenstein, Diane Woodard
Tenor Mike Peterson, Richard Dideriksen
Bass Bruce Connor, Reid Dalton, Richard Palmer



Orchestra Manager: Deanna Chou Lim
Asst. Orchestra Manager: Tanner Lovelace
Violin I: Ruth Johnsen, Ray Ubinger, Polly Harris
Violin II: Rebecca Lee
Viola: Nicola Tulve
Cello: Clark Wang
Bass: Tanner Lovelace
Trumpet: Bruce Klitzman
Trombone: Jeep Morrison
French Horn: Sandy Svoboda
Flute/Piccolo: Kathy/Charlie Register
Clarinet 1: Paul Cherry
Clarinet 2: Shirley Violand-Jones
Oboe: Nancy Wilson
Bassoon: Charlie Gragg
Percussion: Bill Hayes


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