Proud Lady, have your way…

Last night we gathered the entire cast together for an initial sing-through of the score.  Lovely.  We’ve got some rehearsin’ to do, of course, but it was lovely.

Tonight I worked with Josephine and Ralph on their one and only scene alone together and also on their duet “Refrain Audacious Tar.”  We focused on duality of intent, emotional content of individual lines, and on the actorly delivery of a song.  Good stuff!

For some reason I keep going back to Hepburn and Grant in “Philadelphia Story” for character inspiration in this scene.  I guess it’s all those times Ralph refers to Josephine as “unfeeling beauty” and “haughty lady.”

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Fun and Games

We had lots of fun in today’s rehearsal.

With only the principal actors (and understudies) present, we read through the scenes which are sprinkled between the songs.  We focused on the words and on telling the story.  And played liberally with character choices.  We experimented with accents and acting quality; and discussed the power and effect of unusal/out-0f-the-norm character choices.

It’s all fun and games right now.  But we may have stumbled upon some insights which will carry over into future rehearsals and performances.

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First Rehearsal

The opening number of the Durham Savoyards Ltd.’s April, 2016 production of “HMS Pinafore” has now offically been choreographed and staged. It has begun!

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Another Review…

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First Review!

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And we’re up and running!

Ten days since my last post and a lot has happened.  Everything has happened!

We’ve worked out problems, added additional blocking/choreography, moved the set into the theater, rehearsed with full orchestra, added costumes, added props, added lighting, added hair and make-up.  We’ve made even more changes.  We’ve made discoveries and innovations. And we’ve continued to bring more sharpness, clarity, and precision to every aspect of our production.

And, as of last night, we’ve had our first preview performance.  And it went very well.  Our audience was receptive to this seldom-produced work and eager to hear the music and to follow the story.

There are only three performances left and we hope you can join us for one of them at the Carolina Theater!

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All Together!

Tonight we ran all the ensemble numbers in Act I — firming up some cues and adding some business here and there.

It was good to have the entire cast all in the same room and focused on the same thing for the first time in a long time.  Rehearsals can be rather scattered because of scheduling conflicts and last minute emergencies.  But now we’re finally starting to come together into a unified and cohesive whole.

There was good strong work tonight.  Questions were asked, problems were solved and much progress was made. Things are in good shape.  The key now is to be confident in the work and to find a way to relax into it… and to have fun!

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